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Adventures on the Hills

All our events are run by a qualified Mountain Leader.

Wild Camps and Expeditions

Earthwiseways offers expeditions locally and further afield with an experienced mountain leader. Explore the hills with a qualified guide. Develop your map reading and mountain craft skills in expeditions tailored to your needs and interests in an area of your choice. Expeditions will cover aspects of survival, from free foods to navigation and safe river crossing, as well as incorporating relaxed evenings around the camp fire.

If you would like adventures in the great outdoors but lack the confidence and necessary skills to keep you safe, then these days are for you.

Off Trail Cycling

Do you want to go further than the local bike trails? Do you want to explore the hills on your bike? Choose the hills and we will create an interesting expedition, with or without wild camps all led by a qualified mountain bike trail leader.

Orienteering Days

These are fun days run by our qualified and experienced instructor. We will create an orienteering course near you. These days are suitable for all ages, and can make challenging corporate team building days, as well as developing the skills necessary for Duke of Edinburgh, and curriculum based standard and higher grade. These days teach you to read a map and build an understanding of contour shapes and landmarks.

Certificated Courses

Earthwiseways runs National Navigation Award Scheme courses.

The National Navigation Award course are a range of practical courses aimed at enabling walkers to gain the necessary skills to navigate in a variety of terrain.

This staged scheme offers a systematic and progressive approach to finding your way around in the countryside and opens up the possibility of independent walking with increased confidence.


Earthwiseways combines creative and theatre arts with outdoor and environmental education.

Earthwiseways. Tel: 01750 82395 : Email: info@earthwiseways.co.uk.