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The physical nature of the outdoors offers endless possibilities for natural play and exploration; the many and varied activities at our workshops support the ethos of the curriculum for excellence as participants engage in self-directed learning in a supportive environment, facilitated by experienced, qualified and fully insured practitioners with current PVG. Participants become successful learners as they engage in activities that interest them.

All aspects of the curriculum for excellence are covered, from healthy living to science and technology, from expressive arts to numeracy and literacy, in our interesting and dynamic workshops.

There is an emphasis on emotional literacy as participants are encouraged, at regular opportunities, to explore and articulate how they are feeling during these exciting and imaginative sessions. Participants are taught and practise new physical and cooperative skills in repeated routines which consolidate their learning, and as they become more confident in this challenging environment they learn to assess appropriate levels of risk for themselves. Each group member is encouraged to become a responsible citizen, positively contributing to the group dynamics as they learn and develop through experiential task orientated workshops.

Environmental and team building games are played, creative arts activities undertaken, den building, bug hunts and camp craft explored; in sessions which see participants who at the start of a project have never been into a woodland,or out on a hill, and who are scared to leave the safety of the camp base, develop into confident individuals exploring the furthest reaches of the sites. The inherent healing nature of the outdoors calms and focuses even the most chaotic individual, as they work together on activities that inspire and interest them. Participants who are unable to focus for long enough to listen to instructions, are able to undertake the safe use of green woodworking tools. Over the weeks participants work towards becoming effective contributors responsible for the direction of each session as their interests and needs determined the activities, giving each child a sense of ownership of the project and the knowledge that their ideas and interests and hence, they themselves were valued.


Earthwiseways delivers Adventures in the Woods, on the Hill and in the Playground, encouraging participants to challenge themselves under the guidance and supervision of qualified and experienced leaders.



Earthwiseways combines creative and theatre arts with outdoor and environmental education.

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